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Berkeley does not dare with the highs of 2019


Despite the declines in recent days, the truth is that the short-term uptrend in the shares of the energy company remains intact.

Technical analysis

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Long term

In view of the weekly chart of the titles of Berkeley it is easy to see how the important resistance that it presented and presents in January 2019 highs it has once again acted as such. This price level, origin of the last bearish momentum, corresponds to the 0.4160 euros. And the maximums of the current rise have been set at 0.4150 euros. That is to say, we know where the paper is placed. That said, the short-term trend, which comes from the March lows, remains bullish. You just have to see the impeccable succession of increasing lows and highs that the title presents from today. With an important support, how could it be otherwise, in the last increasing minimum (0.2430). From which it follows that the overcoming of 0.4160 euros would be, a priori, a clear and new sign of strength in the listed company.

Berkeley weekly chart

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