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Optimism returns to Wall Street between the gold party and the new round of stimuli


Optimism has returned to Wall street which has started the week with increases of close to 0.5% in the Dow Jones and S&P 500 and above 1% in the Nasdaq, awaiting new stimuli and business results in the United States. Everything indicates that the Government of the country will approve another package of relief measures against the crisis of the coronavirus which will include aid such as checks of $ 1,200 for each citizen who meets a series of requirements.

Among the requirements that must be met is the total income, which must amount to a maximum of $ 75,000 per year per individual and $ 150,000 per year in the case of married couples. Those who earn more will receive less aid up to a cap: if you earn more than $ 99,000 a year (as an individual) or $ 198,000 (as a marriage), you will not be eligible to receive any check.

Within the business front, companies like Apple, AMD, Alphabet (Google), Facebook and Pfizer this week they are accountable to the market.

In the commodity market, gold reaches a historic milestone thanks to the pandemic. The spot price for the precious metal traded at around $ 1,931.11 per ounce after a peak at $ 1,943.9275 per ounce. Those levels overshadowed the previous record set in September 2011. Gold futures also rose 1.54% to $ 1,926.70.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the Ibex opens the week with strong falls clearly penalized by the tourism sector after the British setback. Finally, in Asia the stock markets have closed with gains led by Taiwan.

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