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Technical analysis office: BBVA, Repsol, Siemens Gamesa, Grifols, Mapfre, Faes, Grenergy and Solaria


Next, we give answers to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes BBVA, Repsol, Mapfre, Siemens Gamesa, Grenergy, Solaria, Grifols and Faes.

Technical analysis

Good morning and thank you for your attention. Where should we wait to buy BBVA in the medium term? JT.ZI.

Dear reader, good morning. BBVA We have not confirmed any figure back to today and the only thing we know, which is not a little, is that we have very important support in the annual lows (2.40-2.45) and in the 2.96 euros. At this last price level, the price has marked us a clear short-term support. Or in other words, any possibility that the rebound has continuity happens because this support is respected. This support corresponds to the 2.09 euros from Banco Santander. In other words, it is key that the two large banks in our country respect the levels of support to which we have referred. Thanks to you, greetings.

BBVA daily chart

Good Morning. I would like to know how they see these two actions in which I am in with slight losses: Repsol and Mapfre. Thank you very much. P.MM.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Repsol It is a title that we analyze this Thursday after confessing to the market (read the analysis here). And therefore the only thing we can tell you is that this has turned downwards after filling in its entirety (not closing) the weekly bearish gap in mid-March at 9.05 euros. Only those values ​​that are stronger have been able to close this gap, but the vast majority have only filled it, as is the case at hand.

Repsol weekly chart

The same that we have said about Repsol can be extended for the titles of Mapfre. In this case, the weekly bearish gap corresponds to 1.80 euros. The support that it presents in the form of double support (not double floor) at 1.25 euros is very important: the lows of March and 2016. This support area is key in terms of the medium and long term for the title. Thank you, greetings.

Mapfre weekly chart

Hello. If possible, I would appreciate analyzing Siemens Gamesa and indicating ‘stop loss’. Thank you very much. P.MH.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Siemens Gamesa It is one of the values ​​of our market that presents a clear short-term bullish ‘momentum’. Not long ago we said about this that the price was stirring from the short-term bullish guideline. Well, since then the price has overcome numerous resistances and seems to have headed towards the highs of 2017. And above there is nothing left until the historical maximums. It is a clear maintain and the support to watch, although very far from the price, can be none other than the short-term bullish guideline. Thanks to you, greetings.

Good morning, I ask about Grenergy, which seems like a value that does not stop taking off. The owner owns the majority of the shares, is that the reason that large investors have no interest in the company? I do not understand that Solaria and others fly in the bag and Grenergy is on the side or even down. Thank you. JM.AG.

Dear reader, good afternoon. A server, as a technical analyst, does not waste time thinking / looking for excuses why something does not go up and the others do. Simply the Solaria ‘momentum’ is different from that of Grenergy. And we just analyze the graph of each one independently. Others, a posteriori, will know how to justify the evolution of one and the other. That said, at this moment we have Grenergy attacking the important resistance that it presents in the short-term bearish guideline: the one that unites the successive decreasing maximums since the end of 2019 and that passes just through the current price levels. The title presents significant resistance at € 15.95. All in all, I am left with the fact that we have increasing lows and highs since the March lows and so it does not fall.

As to Solaria, We are talking about a clearly bullish title since mid-2016. This, in addition, presents an impeccable acceleration line with numerous points of support or tangency in it. Hence we can speak of a full-fledged bullish guideline. Right at this moment it is attacking the resistance zone that it presents in the approximately 12.50 euros. As the main support area, and how could it be otherwise, we have the guideline, which at the moment passes for approximately nine euros. Without a doubt Solaria is a clear keep in the portfolio. Thanks to you, greetings.

Hi. I would like to ask about Grifols and Faes from the Pharma sector for short and medium term entries in this defensive sector. J.T.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Of Grifols We have talked long and hard over the last few weeks, as it is a value that almost always enters this section at least once a week. Grifols is bullish in the long term, but in the short we continue to think that it is looking for the base of the bullish channel of recent years, by definition support. This happens at the present time for 22-22.20 euros. And it is that as the theory of chartism says, at the base of a channel you buy. Not for sale.

As to Faes Farma, I like the level from which he seems to want reactions, just from the support of 3.45 euros. To the extent that this support endures we understand that the conditions are in place for it to, at a minimum, look for the resistance zone of four euros and above the April highs (4.14) a new significant upside would be confirmed . A greeting.

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