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Boris Johnson assures that the vaccines "are like a cowbell"


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday that "anti-vaccines are like a cowbell". The British's statements have come during his visit to a health center to promote the new flu vaccination program

"Suddenly now all these anti-vaccines have come out. They are like a cowbell. Like a cowbell, "said the Prime Minister during his visit to the Tollgate Medical Center in Beckton, London.

Johnson has taken advantage of the match to defend the new program, which he hopes will reach its peak before winter. Giving priority to school-aged children, pregnant women and those over 65 years of age.

The Prime Minister's words come after during the first weeks of the pandemic refuses to take steps to slow the spread of the coronavirus. He went on to declare that his priority was to save the country's economy "in the face of those who survive."


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