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Banks have paid 2,275 million for settlements in claims for land clauses


Requests for repayment of the amounts collected in application of the floor clauses in mortgage loans pending analysis amount to 4,961, according to data at the end of last March made public this Friday by the monitoring, control and evaluation commission of these remitted cases by the Bank of Spain.

In total, credit institutions have received 1.21 return requests, although 1.2 million have already been resolved. In September 2017, when this monitoring body was created, the pending requests were close to 40,000 and 1.01 million were resolved.

Of the total number of requests resolved, 44.3% has been estimated by the entities, 35% have been inadmissible, 19.7% of the resolved requests have been rejected and in 1% of the cases it has been withdrawn by the clients.

Meanwhile, 93.9% of the estimates ended with an agreement, of which 87.8% was implemented through a cash refund. 1.6% was closed without an agreement and the rest (4.5%) is pending a response from the client.

The total amount of the estimated operations amounts to 2,384 million euros, of which those that have ended with an agreement with the client and the corresponding payment, amount to 2,275 million euros. This assumes that the average amount returned is 4,527 euros for each estimated request.

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