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Phase 0 of Ethereum 2.0 has another possible release date: November


Ethereum 2.0 (ETH 2.0), or Serenity, is "well on track" for launch later this year, according to Afri Schoedon, launch manager for blockchain infrastructure company Parity Technologies and former developer of Ethereum , and unless a critical problem is found, there is no reason to bring it to 2021.

In statements to Paradigm, "The pioneer of ETH2 multi-cline test networks," as described by the blockchain and cryptoasset-focused investment firm, said that the beacon chain Ethereum 2.0 will be released in November unless "serious bugs" are found in the clients or the protocol.

"I'm between Vitalik (Buterin) and Justin (Drake) with my estimate here, I don't think we necessarily need to delay Ethereum 2.0 in 2021 unless we encounter critical issues. We are well on the way to a Launch 2020 delay, ”Shoedon said.

How I know reportedEthereum researcher Justin Drake said in early July that Phase 0 could start working in January 2021 as soon as possible, while Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said he personally "strongly disagrees with this and that he would favor the launch of phase 0 significantly before that date, regardless of the level of preparation: D.

Multi-tenancy test networks have often been considered final steps before the release of the long-awaited ETH 2.0 Phase 0, also known as Beacon Chain of Serenity, as multi-tenant networks for ETH 2.0 clients created by various developers and companies are needed to communicate with the same protocol Prysm and Lighthouse threw a multi-client Schlesi testnet in April.

Schlesi was replaced by the recently launched Altona, a testnet focused on developers rather than end users, and initially controlled by teams of constituent customers, namely Lighthouse, Prysm, Nimbus, Teku, Afri and some of the team members from the Ethereum Foundation.

As "the initiator of ETH2 multi-tenant test networks," Shoedon said that Altona "appears to be stable" and that everything accomplished with test nets thus far is done in preparation for "the very successful multi-tenant test network medal. coming soon, marking the final step toward launching an Ethereum 2.0 Core Network. ”

Meanwhile, in May, Buterin declared that Phase 0 of ETH 2.0 is “on the way” and that it could be launched in the third quarter.

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