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Justin Sun has announced the launch of 3 new products for TRON


The CEO of the TRON Foundation, Justin Sun, he has announced the next products that will become part of the ecosystem of this blockchain.

As you can read in the tweet, the details relate to three different projects:

  • JUSTswap, which is called TRON’s Uniswap;
  • USDJ and JST produce agriculture, which are techniques for obtaining more tokens by providing liquidity and borrowing tokens;
  • A oracle TRON officer.

These are interesting tools that could be widely used, something that can already be seen in several other blockchains.

JUSTswap is scheduled to launch on August 17. This should have the same dynamics as Uniswap, which allows to exchange several tokens with each other in a completely decentralized way. Also, anyone can list their token.

In fact, one of the main operators to list the TRON tokens, either TRC-10 or TRC-20, is Poloniex, but the list has to pass a series of controls to be approved.

In regards to yield agriculture, this is scheduled for the end of Augustboth for him USDJ, the stable currency linked to the US dollar as for JST, the governance token of the protocol of which there was the third aerial launch yesterday.

It is difficult to predict how the project will evolve, who knows if it will involve the creation of a third token. You could also use a system like Compound's and thus distribute tokens among the users who interact with these tools.

Finally, little is still known about the decentralized oracle, whose official name is still missing, for now it is known as JUSToracle. Some members of the community suspect that it is Bridge Oracle.

Obviously, there has been no lack of criticism of this announcement and the tweet has several negative comments about Justin Sun simply copying what is already on the market.

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