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Cellnex and two more stocks that have managed to pierce resistance this Thursday


We will not see a sign of strength in the Spanish selective while it remains trading below 7,663 points.

Technical analysis

Strong increases of 8.27% in Cellnex which manages to pierce resistance at $ 58.72, all-time highs. The company offers an unbeatable technical aspect with a clear path so that we end up seeing a continuation of the rises to the level of $ 62. We will not appreciate the slightest sign of weakness as long as it remains trading above 55 euros.

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Increases of 1.74% in Drives that manages to pierce the resistance of 99.45 euros. The company offers a very good technical aspect for the next few days and it seems very likely that we could end up seeing an extension of earnings to the level of 105 euros.

41.47% high in Berkeley Energia which has managed to overcome the resistance of 0.3275 euros. The lateral consolidation of the last weeks ends and we do not rule out ending up seeing an extension of the rises to the level of 0.60 euros.


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