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Technical analysis office: Airbus, Solaria, Acciona, Mapfre, Almirall, Cellnex, Moderna and Zoom Video


Next, we give answers to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Airbus, Mapfre, Solaria, Moderna, Almirall, Cellnex, Zoom Video and Acciona.

Technical analysis

Good morning, and first of all thank you very much. I would like to know what the Airbus analyst thinks. I'd also like to know the opinion on Mapfre after the last dividend payment. Thank you very much. P.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Airbus It is a title that we analyze quite frequently in recent times and the last thing we have commented on it is that it is a value that we believe can continue to bounce towards the resistance zone of $ 85. But that by the same it is key that yes or yes the support that it presents in the 60 euros is respected. To the extent that this support holds, it is possible that the security is trying to restructure again to the upside.

Airbus daily chart

As to Mapfre This seems to want to attack the resistance zone that it presents in the environment of 1.80 euros (weekly bearish gap in mid-March). If we manage to close it in weekly candles we will have a renewed signal of strength, before a new bullish section towards the resistance zone of 2.02-2.03 euros (formerly support). Unlike many other stocks on the market that are clearly bearish, Mapfre can be said to be deploying in the worst case scenario within a broad side, with very important support at the annual lows which in turn coincides with the lows of 2016, at 1.25 euros. Thank you very much, greetings.

Mapfre weekly chart

Good morning Mr. José María, first of all thank you for your help to small investors. My query is about the latest Solaria move. It seems to have finally broken to the upside. What objectives do you have for the title in the medium and long term? Thank you very much for your time. M.IT.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Solaria It has recently overcome numerous resistances, but what is really important in my opinion is the impeccable bullish guideline that it presents on the straight line that joins each and every one of the increasing lows since mid-2016. Ideally, to be able to open longs in the levels price closest possible to the guideline, something that at this time is far from the current price. At the top, on the resistance side, it no longer has anything really important until the historical highs at 24.30 euros, which does not mean much less that you have to go there. But the important thing is that the underlying is impeccably bullish.

Solaria weekly chart

Good afternoon, I would like to analyze the value of the Nasdaq Moderna, which I believe has overcome very important resistance recently. Thank you. A cordial greeting. B.C.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Many companies in the biotechnology sector are at all-time highs and, above all, those that are developing vaccines to combat Covid-19. Modern it is an absolute free-rise, but very volatile. In fact, lately it is moving to the tune of + -15% and that is difficult to digest. But the important thing is that it is bullish. As short-term support we have the area of ​​$ 66-67 (previously resistance) and as resistance the recent historical highs at $ 94.85. And little more can be said at the moment of this title, since it does not have much stock history either. Thanks to you, greetings.

Moderna daily chart

Very good days. I wanted to ask you about Almirall since you entered the Ibex 35. What resistances do you have and when would it be a good time to enter? Regards. ACE.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Let's say you can say that Almirall The entry into the Ibex has not suited him very well. In fact, it has been moving in recent times with important lurching up and down, but with some downward bias. In fact, I would only consider entering this title if the current correction brings you closer to the support zone conferred by the bullish guideline that joins the successive lows since late 2011. The acceleration line that joins the rising lows is impeccable and If he were to head there again, we would have an interesting opportunity to try again to the upside in the title. As for the resistance, the most immediate is found in the area of ​​approx. 14 euros (the last decreasing maximum). A greeting.

Almirall weekly chart

Good morning, José María. I wanted to ask you about three values. Is it a good time to enter Cellnex despite trading at highs? I have Acciona shares bought at 93 euros, how do you see them in the long term? And lastly, do you think Zoom Video Communications will continue its uptrend throughout 2020? Thanks in advance. YOU GIVE.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Cellnex It is one of those titles that I like to call "a boringly bullish value." And it is bullish for a long long time. Sometimes he stops, corrects slightly, displaying a lateral movement, and again upwards. As it can not be otherwise, it is an absolute free-rising value, with the bullish implications that this always has for any underlying in such a situation. In the short term it has a small support in the area of ​​55.14 euros and below 51.68 euros. And it has no resistance. In short, it is a very bullish value. But entering now is being very late to the market, since entry signals have given many in recent times. Which does not mean much less that you can not continue climbing positions.

Cellnex Daily Chart

As to Drives It is one of the values ​​of our Ibex that I like the most. I invite you to read here the technical analysis we carried out on the company this Tuesday. In the absence of the closing of the weekly candle the sensations can not be better, since everything suggests that it is on the verge of confirming a large double weekly floor with the objective of rising at the annual highs (124).

Acciona weekly chart

As to Zoom Video, the graph speaks for itself. And what we have is a flawless bullish channel from the beginning of the year. Channel whose base, by definition support, currently passes for approximately 210 dollars. And where the high part of it, by definition resistance, passes at this moment through the approx. 300 dollars. Undoubtedly we are facing a clear keep. We do not have the slightest sign of weakness within the current price structure. Thanks to you, greetings.

Zoom Video Daily Chart

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