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Outstanding values ​​at the close of the North American market


The most normal thing is that the North American indices continue their bullish escalation

Technical analysis

Very good figure in Paccar It ends Tuesday with earnings of 4.99%, allowing it to close above its all-time highs at $ 83.41. The company is going into a free-rise and it seems highly likely that we could end up seeing an extension of earnings to the $ 100 level.

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Earnings of 2.03% in Ross Stores that has managed to hold itself in the vicinity of the support that it presents in the vicinity of $ 80. For the next sessions we will be very aware of a closing above $ 91.12 as it would make us think of an extension of earnings to the level of $ 100, prices where the average of 200 sessions is located.

New buy signal in Fastenal which manages to close above the resistance of $ 44.78 after finishing this Tuesday with gains of 1.56%. The value goes into free rise with the path clear so that we can end up seeing an extension of the gains to the level of 50 dollars. It is certainly a value to keep in mind in the coming days.


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