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Microsft beats all expectations and declares revenues of 38,000 million


Microsoft has declared this Wednesday an income of 38,000 million dollars, a figure 4% higher than that estimated by analyst consensus that follows her in the stock market. These expected revenues of $ 36.43 billion. Revenues represent an increase of 13% compared to the same period of the previous year.

Earning per share (EPS) was also higher than expected. While the technological has placed it at around $ 1.46, the expert consensus spoke of $ 1.38.

Despite having beaten all expectations, its shares are falling close to 3% in the 'after hours' of Wall Street, which collects operations after hours.

Microsoft's earnings come at a time when technology has gained significant weight, especially when you consider that workers around the world have had to carry out their tasks remotely. "The last five months have made it clear that technological intensity is the key to business resilience. Organizations developing their own digital capacity will recover faster and come out of this crisis with greater force, "said Satya Nadella, executive director of Microsoft.

"We are the only company with an integrated modern technology stack, powered by cloud and artificial intelligence and backed by security and compliance, to help each organization transform and reimagine how they meet customer needs, "said Nadella in a statement.

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