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IOTA will organize new Blockchain courses for managers


The IOTA Foundation has announced that it has launched new blockchain courses, in collaboration with IoT ONE Academy, for managers with no technical background. The course obviously focuses on the study of the IOTA blockchain.

The course aims to teach the basic concepts of blockchain and the use of IOTA.

In particular, the course will focus on the following topics:

  • The advantages and benefits of IOTA for your future business based on M2M and data;
  • A complete non-technological introduction to distributed ledger technology and IOTA from an eagle eye view;
  • How they can develop disruptive impulses for existing or future businesses;
  • The many existing IOTA use cases;
  • How they develop their own vision and idea of ​​the IOTA project.

As you can read, the course will explain the advantages and benefits of using IOTA, as this project is particularly suitable for all those working in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector.

The course will also explain how to develop and implement blockchain, taking as an example the use cases already implemented with IOTA.

The course will last 6 weeks and will include 3-4 hours per week. Registration is available every day, and there will be 3 types of packages that can be purchased.

The minimum price starts from € 300 and includes access to a multi-device learning platform, brochures developed directly by the IOTA Foundation in 3 languages: German, English and Spanish.

The director of the association of the IOTA Foundation, Holger Köther, I was very satisfied:

“We are pleased to announce the publication of IOTA COURSES FOR MANAGERS, which is an excellent basis for decision makers and managers for the development of their own IOTA projects. Help managers understand IOTA's potential in no time. IoT ONE ACADEMY has already successfully implemented IOTA training courses for programmers in close cooperation with the IOTA Foundation, so we are even more pleased that a non-technical course is now available to assist decision makers and managers. to understand the potential of IOTA as a scalable, secure and open source infrastructure. ”

This is an opportunity to learn everything there is to know about the possibilities that IOTA offers, he said. Arne flick, director of the IoT ONE Academy:

“The IOTA COURSE FOR MANAGERS is a very good opportunity to learn everything worth learning about the advantages and possibilities of IOTA technology, as well as the long-range plans of the IOTA Foundation and how that can be beneficial for the companies. As a modern digital learning academy, we attach great importance to participants' understanding of the disruptive power of IOTA and how they can use IOTA in their business. We amplify active learning transfer through the unique learning app technology that helps strengthen learning success, as well as the learning content that has been co-authored by the IOTA Foundation and IoT ONE ACADEMY. ”

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