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An error by a representative of Podemos forces a repeat vote on the economy opinion


An error in the way of voting of a deputy, who has chosen the face-to-face system instead of the thematic one requested by his parliamentary group to pronounce on the opinion of the Economic Recovery working group will force to repeat the voting of the document in the next extraordinary plenary session .

This has been announced by the Presidency of Congress after analyzing the votes carried out this morning on the four documents issued in the Commission for Economic and Social Reconstruction and which had managed to leave the Lower House, except for the one corresponding to the working group on Social Policies and System of Care.

Not having mediated an express agreement of the table, which is the necessary requirement to modify the procedure by which the vote can be cast, the Chamber services have decided that said vote could not be counted, causing a technical tie that will force a second vote.

By suppressing the vote cast in person when the parliamentary group had requested to do it electronically, it has left 168 yeses, another 168 noes and 11 abstentions, which will need to be resolved in a new consultation.

In the first count of the document it had come out by a minimum margin: with 169 votes in favor, 168 against and 11 abstentions. The action of the Chamber reveals that the difference vote came thanks to the deputy who changed his way of voting and exercised it from the floor compared to the telematic form indicated by his parliamentary group.

The document was given free rein after a complicated process where it has received up to 391 amendments from different parliamentary groups and that in the final section it still incorporated seven amendments to the text today: two amendments from Teruel Exists, one from the Canary Islands Coalition, another from the PNV and three of Junts per Cataluña.

Among the measures incorporated, one of Junts stands out to the fiscal policy block to “immediately approve the possibility that local entities may freely dispose of the remaining cash surplus for the 2019 and 2020 financial year, and that during the financial years 2020 and 2021 they were not the spending rule applies. ”

The Canary Coalition has managed to include in the cookbook the implementation by the State of a tourism plan for the islands that promotes its tourism products and the rehabilitation of hotel and commercial spaces, among others.

In addition, 21 transactional transactions were also approved, of which 20 were initialed by the socialist group with Citizens, Junts, Compromís, Teruel Existe or Más País. These include the impulse of a reform of local financing, the request to include new measures to prevent and fight corruption, a sanctioning regime for corporate late payment and measures for public administrations to comply with the legal deadlines for payment to suppliers. or to complete the Mediterranean Corridor “as soon as possible”.

A compromise compromise and More Country amendment that establishes that any public aid received by companies must be linked to ecological conditions, to the reduction of the wage gap between men and women and not to operate in tax havens.

The one referring to Health and Public Health counted, once the voting had been reviewed, with 255 supports compared to 88 contrary votes and three abstentions; and the one corresponding to the European Union got 275 yes, 59 contrary votes and 13 abstentions; both were approved with ease.

The opinion of the Social Policy and Health System working group that already ran aground in the morning and was rejected by Congress, added 175 contrary votes, compared to 171 in favor and one abstention.


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