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PNV is angry with Sánchez: he will vote 'no' on most measures for Reconstruction


He PNV has announced this Tuesday that it will say 'no' to most of the measures approved by the Commission for Social and Economic Reconstruction that today are voted in the Congress of Deputies. This has been advanced by the leader of the formation, Andoni Ortuzar, who has shown his discomfort with the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez.

As he said in an interview in Basque Wave, unless there is a "radical change" on the part of the Executive, the PNV will reject these measures, since it believes that there are "danger of recentralization". In addition, his 'no' is also due to Sánchez's refusal to convene the Joint Concert Commission to agree on the level of indebtedness of the Basque Country.

"We are upset, angry and President Sánchez knows that, as long as this is not clarified, it is better that he does not knock on the PNV door," said Ortuzar, who said that his party has "two problems" with those agreements. Moreover, he recalled that they did support what has to do with the European project because "they substantially agree", but in the rest of the measures they see several "dangers".

Specifically, he spoke of an "evident recentralization danger" both in Health, but also in Education and "in practically all areas". "And we we want to safeguard Basque self-government and that this does not serve as an excuse for self-government to be emptied, "he added.

But, in addition, the Basque nationalists are angry at the "lack of response and tact" of the Sánchez government with the Basque institutions. Ortuzar has indicated that they need to know the debt margin to know the financial capacity that the Basque Country will have, taking into account that the collection drop is oscillating between 17% and 20%, and has warned that the General State Budgets (PGE) for 2021 they could be in the air if the Executive does not.

According to Ortuzar, until it is agreed on in the Mixed Concert Commission, "what money will be held" will not be known, and that is a point that should be clarified because "we must start accounting" for September, to prepare the Budgets. "We are muleteers and we will meet on the way", said the Penuvista leader, who indicated that "other occasions will come", referring to the fact that the PGE and the spending ceiling have to be negotiated.

"This is not how any institution or anyone who is called a preferred partner is treated.We do not understand why Pedro Sánchez and his government are doing this to us, it is not understandable because, in addition, we do not ask him for money, what we want is to agree on the amount of debt that we are going to pay, we are not going to pass the bill on to the State Spanish as other autonomous communities do ", he added.

This Tuesday, the measures approved by the Commission for Social and Economic Reconstruction to alleviate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic are debated and voted in Congress for final approval. Four opinions on the EU, the economy, social policies and health must be voted on. The PNV will vote no to the measures approved for Reconstruction, except for the one related to the EU, unless there is a "radical change", which should also be in the contents of the pact and a series of amendments that it proposed would have to be accepted. the formation.

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