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Moderna debuts on the Nasdaq 100 with sharp drops after the success of the Oxford vaccine


Today was the big day for Moderna. The pharmaceutical company has joined the Nasdaq100 (gathers the 100 most important technology companies) this Monday, July 20. But the joy has not lasted long, it is opening with falls in the stock market close to 12%.

The American has not been satisfied with the good data that has been known this Monday from the vaccine that is being developed by the University of Oxford, in which AstraZeneca is behind.

Data from his first human clinical trial show a strong immune response without causing serious adverse effects. It is a weakened version of an adenovirus of the common cold of chimpanzees.

The success of one of its main competitors has coincided in time with a downward revision of JP Morgan.

The American financier has revised its position in the pharmaceutical company and has demoted it from 'buy' to hold '. A decision that has been accompanied by a 10% reduction in its target price, to $ 85.25. It is currently trading at around $ 82.

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