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Donald Trump insists: "Time will prove me right. The coronavirus will disappear"


The President of EEUE, Donald Trump, continues to insist on his first predictions about Covid-19 despite the relentless increase in cases in the country. Some areas, such as Los Angeles or Florida, call for more measures to contain the outbreaks because they are "out of control", although the Republican does not believe that there should be any new restrictions or force to wear a mask. "Time will prove me right. The coronavirus will disappear", has said.

This was expressed in an interview on Fox News, in which he assured that "I have probably been more right than anyone" on this matter and has minimized the impact of the pandemic. The interview, carried out by journalist Chris Wallace, has been tense, since both have closed after assuring Trump that the United States has one of the lowest death rates from Covid-19 in the world, when the truth is that 3.8 million people have tested positive (It tops the list and has almost as many infections as the sum of the three countries that follow it) and the coronavirus has killed 140,477 people in the country.

"In time I will be right," Trump said during the face-to-face. And when Wallace has laughed, Trump has insisted. "I said it will disappear. I will say it again: it will disappear … and I will be right," he remarked. In addition, he believes that these statements, which he has been repeating since February, do not discredit him.

And it is that according to Trump, despite the increase in positives, in fact many of them "are young people who will heal in one day" because they only "have a cold". Tests in the US have increased by 37%, but the positive ones have grown by 194%, although the president does not intend to change his position on the masks. "No", he answered when asked if he will make them compulsory. The reason? "I want people to have some freedom," he explained, noting that he disagrees with the statement that "if everyone wears a mask, everything disappears."

On the other hand, when asked if he assumes responsibility for not having a federal policy on the coronavirus, Trump has been blunt: "Look, I always take responsibility for everything because, ultimately, it is also my job. I have to put everyone in line. Some governors have done well, others have done poorly. We have more evidence than any other country in the world. "

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