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Three values ​​with which to take advantage of the imminent bullish definition of the Euro Stoxx


The gains of the last sessions in the Euro Stoxx 50 leave the index price very close to the key resistance of 3,400 points. As soon as we see a closing above this price level, the beginning of a new bullish momentum in the European selective will be confirmed with a first target of rise in the 3,600 points, which supposes a potential of revaluation of 6% immediately.

Technical analysis

Sanofi It is one of the values ​​of the Euro Stoxx 50 that we follow very closely after the increases of the last weeks. The company is trading near the resistance of 95.06 euros, annual highs. The increasing lows seen since mid-March invite us to think about an extension of the increases for the next days. A close above 95.06 euros would be the signal that would make us position ourselves in the company and it is very likely that we could end up seeing an extension of earnings to the level of 101 euros, all-time highs. It would be a great sign to exceed this price level since it should be quoted on a free rise with a clear path to be able to attack at the level of 130 euros.

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The real It has notably improved its technical aspect by managing to exceed, in June, the all-time highs it had at 278.5 euros. The French company has been moving, in recent sessions, in a sideband waiting for the appearance of a sign of strength that makes us think of an extension of earnings in the coming days. A close above the 297 euros would leave the value without any obstacle on its way which could lead to an extension of the rises to the level of 300 euros.

At the beginning of June we could see how Deutsche Telekom It managed to rise above the average of 200 sessions after revaluing 50% from the lows in March. The German company has been digesting these gains for a month and a half and it seems very likely that we will end up seeing a sign of strength that makes us think of a continuation of the increases. A close above 15.57 euros in the coming days would be the signal that would make us think of an extension of earnings to the level of 16.74 euros, annual highs.


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