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Waves has announced a partnership with Microsoft Russia


Waves Enterprise has announced a partnership with Microsoft Russia for the joint development of blockchain within the country's companies.

The strategic collaboration will take place in the area of ​​blockchain business solutions and cloud technologies.

This will allow the international Waves Enterprise blockchain platform to integrate with Microsoft Azure cloud technologies for joint initiatives to promote the adoption of enterprise blockchain solutions.

Waves is a Moscow-based tokenization platform founded in July last year to offer services to corporate clients on private blockchains.

This will offer a new blockchain application model and new solutions. Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) based on this integration. The main scenarios in which this solution could be used include supply chain optimization, data notarization and industrial asset tokenization.

In fact, with this agreement, Waves Enterprise will be added to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, making Waves Enterprise products available to a wide range of companies, not just in Russia. Additionally, deploying BaaS solutions directly from the cloud will make the deployment process faster and cheaper, as it will not require additional costs for commercial infrastructure or configuration.

Finally, Waves Enterprise will also be included in Microsoft Azure Stack Hub to enable enterprises to deploy the Waves Enterprise enterprise blockchain node in the Azure Stack environment.

Microsoft and Waves also plan to jointly develop a cloud service based on Azure analytical tools, Which will be integrated into the Waves Enterprise blockchain infrastructure in the future, to facilitate the collection of structured data, such as analytical reports and graphs.

Other features will include automatic smart contract review, network transaction analysis to look for anomalies or tampering attempts, token flow visualization, and an option for integration with external solutions.

The President of Microsoft Russia, Christina Tikhonova, said.

“Waves Enterprise is one of the leading international blockchain platforms, contributing substantially to the development of an ecosystem for decentralized solutions worldwide.

Supporting developers of innovative solutions and fostering a wide availability of contemporary technology tools for the development of Russian business is vital to Microsoft. We are confident that our association will facilitate the full realization of blockchain technology in the corporate sector in Russia and also globally. ”

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