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this is what we know (and don't know) so far about the Bitcoin thief


Cryptocurrency giveaway scams are nothing new, but this year they have been the gold standard for hackers who have created and are expected to continue to earn millions of dollars from it. Last week, we reported on many gift scams, most of which took place on YouTube.

However, it appears that hackers are covering their trail on YouTube and are quickly moving to other social media platforms.

At other times, hackers often create fake social media accounts to pose as a public figure, the numbers are often lower, and their target is generally narrowed. This time, it was recently said, a large portion of Twitter accounts were breached (hacked) on July 15.

It will be helpful to note that all of the accounts listed above are just some of the most popular ones. We can confirm that many other verified accounts of public figures and crypto influencers infiltrated.

At the time the hack was still on the move, Twitter made sure to restrict tweets from many of its verified accounts to limit the chances of further harm being done. At this time, account owners have access to their accounts.

It was a difficult day for the team on Twitter, and its founder Jack Dorsey made it known in an emergency response tweet in which he encouraged users of the platform to stay while the team conducts the proper investigations.

New reports reaching us confirm that the official Twitter support account was also breached, shortly after Jack Dorsey's tweets were made.

The official Twitter support account also issued a follow-up statement, but before long the account was hacked and the hacker's signature tweet was soon released.

Hackers keep running away

Around 6 p.m. ET, hackers infiltrated the official Square Cash app account. The hackers appeared to have created a new wallet address, shortly after Coinbase blacklisted the previous account. This should mean that the amount of Bitcoin received has increased.

Justin Sun is offering $ 1 million in exchange for the hacker's identity

Justin Sun, one of the victims of the attacks, who also confirmed that he was working closely with Twitter to restore accounts to normal, now offers a $ 1 million offer to each and every one that can help them locate the culprits. .

However, the possibility of the culprit being caught is another matter of its own. Okay, all the major exchanges will blacklist the address. But if the hacker or group of hackers can infiltrate Twitter, their skills are certainly sophisticated.

The hack also looked like it was well planned, so a withdrawal method may have already been planned. The mixers could also be used to download the stolen Bitcoin, which will make it more difficult to track.

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