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Telefónica once again plans to go public with its telecommunications subsidiary Telxius in 2021


The future of Telxius, the telecommunications infrastructure subsidiary of Telefónica It could go through an IPO again. This is stated by the Bloomberg agency, which indicates that This possibility would be considered, according to knowledgeable sources, for the year 2021.

It is not the only option, according to sources cited by the US agency, which it does not identify. The option of a corporate operation could also materialize via merger or integration with any of its rivals, with the aim of gaining dimension in an increasingly competitive telecommunications segment.

This move would not only involve Telefónica, but also its two partners in the capital. On the one hand KKR. The investment firm landed at the subsidiary after its IPO was halted in 2016, for failing to achieve the valuation that Telefónica expected. First, KKR took 24.8%, which it subsequently raised to 40% today.

For another, Amancio Ortega. The founder of Zara is the owner of 10% of the shareholders of Telxius through Pontegadea, in an operation carried out two years ago, in the summer of 2018, and valued at 378.8 million euros,


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