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Technical analysis office: Santander, IAG, Airbus, Audax Renovables, Ferrari, Acciona, Pfizer and Almirall


Next, we give answers to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Audax Renovables, Santander, IAG, Airbus, Ferrari, Acciona, Pfizer and Almirall.

Technical analysis

Good morning, Mr. Rodríguez. Above all, thank you for your work and the help you provide to small investors. My question: are we witnessing a small short-term 'head and shoulders' at Audax Renovables, with the possible bearish implications that this may have? Thanks again and kind regards. B.A

Dear reader, good afternoon. No, I do not see it. I do not see the figure that comments in the titles of Audax Renovables. Now, the key in this title is in the support range of 1.17-1.22 euros, which is where we have a very important control zone. That is, to the extent that the price respects this support, we understand that the price will move, in the worst case, laterally. But be very careful if you drill to the downside because then we would have a clear sign of bearish implications for 'head and shoulders'. But as long as it does not pierce it, what we have in front is a great lateral. Thanks to you, greetings.

Audax Renovables weekly chart

Hello good day. How do you see Santander and IAG? Thank you. P.O.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Santander I do not see it bad as long as it respects the support that it presents in the 2.09 euros. That level is important because it coincides with an adjustment / decline of 61.8% of the previous rebound. That is, if we continue to leave the door open for the rebound to have continuity, it is because the 2.09 euros hold. And above, on the resistance side, we have 2.60 and the weekly bearish gap of 3-3.05 euros.

Santander daily chart

Of IAG There is nothing to say that we have not already repeated over and over again. It is bearish and we still have no comeback figure of any kind. Just a rebound, very violent that yes, which has slowed in the weekly bearish gap in mid-March at 3.95 euros. And below we have a first support in the bullish gap of 2.14 eros and the annual lows of 1.80 euros. And for the moment we can only keep waiting for the price to build us some kind of figure back or dare again with the resistance of 3.95-4 euros. Thanks to you, greetings.

IAG weekly chart

Good morning, Mr. José María. I have been following him for several years and it is always a pleasure to read him. My query is as follows: I have bought Airbus at 71 euros, how do you see the aeronautical sector after the opening of borders and especially Airbus? Thank you. J.B.

Dear reader, good afternoon. The sector remains highly affected and will only recover as a block. It is very likely that when recovery comes, it will be in bulk. With the support of airlines, aircraft manufacturers, travel reservation companies, hotels and 'resorts', etc. When they build a figure back they will do it all at once. And if we focus on Airbus and in the short term we have a first support at 60 euros. In other words, any possibility of returning to the resistance zone of 85 euros passes because the minimums of the end of June are respected. The title presents an intermediate resistance in the daily bearish gap of 75 euros. Thank you very much for your words, gentleman, it is you. very friendly.

Airbus daily chart

Good Morning. Please, analysis of the Italian Ferrari (the one that is quoted in euros), if possible with a chart. Thank you very much and happy summer. LM.A.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Ferrari It is a clearly bullish title in terms of medium-long term. The only thing is that in the short we have been held back by the resistance that the bearish gap of the session on February 24 at 159.80 euros gives. To close (or what is the same to cancel) this gap would be the prelude to an attack on the historical highs at 169.05 euros. Thank you very much and equally gentleman. A greeting.

Ferrari daily chart

Hello good day. First of all, thank you very much for your responses as they are useful for young investors who are just starting out. I would like if you could analyze Pfizer in which I positioned myself a few weeks ago and Acciona to know where you can go. Thank you very much! A.D.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Pfizer it is still in the reaction phase, or what is the same, draining / adjusting the important increases of the last decade. And little more, because we have decreasing maximums and minimums in the short term and so it does not go up. In fact, the first sign of strength in the title is being able to break the last declining maximum: $ 39.22. Below, on the side of the supports, we have the control area of ​​$ 27.50-28. Let's say that it is a title that right now seems unattractive to me.

Pfizer weekly chart

Drives It is in my opinion the most interesting stock on the market right now. Well above the resistance of 98 euros (preferably in weekly candles) we will have a double floor from the bullish guideline, with a first target of rise in the annual highs (124). Thanks to you, greetings.

Acciona weekly chart

Good morning, Mr. José María. Once Almirall has already digested the entry in the Ibex, I would be interested to know if it is time to increase Almirall or to sell the titles that I own. Thank you very much, it is a pleasure to read you. J.S.

Dear investor, good afternoon. True, Almirall It has been moving very erratically in recent times and the only interesting thing at the moment is that it presents an impeccable bullish directive line that joins the growing lows since the end of 2011. We have three support points on this line and therefore we can talk bullish guideline. Ideally, try to get on the shopping train at the closest possible price levels to it, now at nine euros. Thank you very much for your words, gentleman, greetings.

Almirall weekly chart

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