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SimpleFX is giving away up to $ 2,000 USD in cash back this season


Different sectors are trying to recover from the damage caused by the coronavirus crisis. Most major markets have fallen, while some others are doing better. It is a crucial time for margin traders as they take advantage of vital market changes and make abundant profits at the right time. This season does not have to be gloomy. Trade SimpleFX and make more profit while trading with the most popular instruments.

This season, we are boosting your business spirit with our Commercial Cashback Promotion! Trade any of our more than 170 trading instruments from July 2 to August 31, 2020, and get up to $ 2,000 USD cash back. The more trades you make during this period, the more profit you will make.

Why trade SimpleFX?

Different markets offer traders opportunities for large profits as sectors try to combat the ripple effect established by the coronavirus. And with trading margin, a trader's profits can really fly.

SimpleFX allows you to enjoy trades with a leverage of up to 500x: our leverage levels are unbeatable. If you trade with leverage, you get more exposure to the markets you want to trade in compared to what you can achieve with your original deposit amount. For example, if you have $ 100 traded with 100x leverage, you can open a position worth $ 10,000. Can you imagine what you can do with 500x leverage? In other words, traders with different risk appetites can freely choose between broader levels of leverage that best suit their trading strategies.

In SimpleFX, you can easily access the most popular instruments on the market today. From CFDs on stocks, commodities and energy to forex and crypto, you can trade anywhere using your desktop or mobile device. For experienced traders, the basic version of MetaTrader4 is also available.

SimpleFX WebTrader: an award-winning trading platform

SimpleFX WebTrader is the most convenient way to trade online. The award-winning trading platform is simplistic in design but packed with basic and advanced trading tools and charts, perfect for both professional traders and beginners. You can view essential market news and updates from our blog to bring you the latest developments in the markets. We also have live chat support to help you with your questions, and you can reach us on our official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts.

Take advantage of our cash back business promotion! Get up to $ 2,000 USD cash back when you trade July 2 – August 31, 2020. The more trades you make on these dates, the greater your rewards! Terms and conditions apply.

Don't have a business account yet? Open a free trading account at SimpleFX today and start trading. You only need your email address. No minimum deposit is required, and you can test the platform risk-free using a demo account. I see you there!

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