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Brussels does not want to be without a vaccine and is already negotiating with Moderna, CureVac and BioNtech


Brussels wants 'their' vaccine. According to reports ReutersThe European Union (EU) is already negotiating with Moderna, BioNtech and CureVac to ensure certain doses if any of them manages to discover an effective coronavirus vaccine.

The potential agreement between Brussels and biotech companies would thus join the one signed with AstraZeneca in June. Back then, the EU promised to buy him 400 million doses of his hypothetical vaccine.

"We are in talks with quite a few companies about possible vaccines," said one source quoted by the news agency. They point out that the European Commission, the EU's executing arm, is meeting with health ministers in Berlin these days to discuss the matter.

Another candidate to launch its own vaccine is Johnson & Johnson, with whom the EU is also having negotiations to buy 200 million doses. Sanofi would be another one, according to the agency. When asked by Reuters, the French woman has admitted to being in "advanced talks" with Brussels.

The negotiations are being led by EU negotiators, selected in turn by the 27 Member States. If the final agreement does not allow covering the entire population, the doses will be distributed according to demographic and epidemiological criteria among the different countries.

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