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Wall Street is trading with strong rises, supported by the words of the Fed and Moderna


Wall street trades with strong new rises between Goldman Sachs and Modern. The first has beaten expectations with its results thanks to trading and the second is triggered after advancing in its search for a coronavirus vaccine.

The Fed's Beige book published this Wednesday is also being very well received in the market. The document ensures that the US economy is undergoing a widespread recovery for the past few weeks.

Goldman's total revenue has stood at $ 13.3 billion versus the $ 9.7 billion expected by consensus. His EPS was $ 6.26 compared to $ 4.01 initially projected.

The revenue figure is the second highest achieved by the entity in a quarter. In addition, it is 41% higher than that registered in the same period of the previous year. The trading division has been the main driver of all this, billing 2,940 million and closing its best quarter in 11 years.

Returning to Moderna, its vaccine has been shown to be safe and has elicited immune responses in the 45 healthy volunteers from an ongoing early-phase study, US researchers reported Tuesday.

On the business front, Apple is also news. Those from Cupertino have managed to avoid the 13,000 million mega-fine for paying taxes in Ireland, where the European Commission claimed to have received tax aid. The decision cannot be finalized, because both the European Commission and Apple have two months to file an appeal.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the Ibex consolidates itself in the green along with the rest of Europe despite Telefónica's falls. Finally, in Asia, the stock markets have closed with a mixed sign, once again looking at the renewed trade tensions between China and the United States.


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