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Rises in Goldman after winning more than expected thanks to the 'lifeguard' of trading


Goldman Sachs it stands out with increases close to 1% in Wall Street. Its quarterly results have not disappointed and it has earned more than analysts expected thanks to trading, the division that has been a 'lifesaver' for most banks in the US.

Goldman's total revenue has stood at $ 13.3 billion versus the $ 9.7 billion expected by consensus. His EPS was $ 6.26 compared to $ 4.01 initially projected.

The revenue figure is the second highest achieved by the entity in a quarter. In addition, it is 41% higher than that registered in the same period of the previous year. The trading division has been the main driver of all this, billing 2,940 million and closing its best quarter in 11 years.

"Our solid financial performance demonstrates the inherent benefits of our diversified business model," he stated. David Solomon, president and CEO of the bank. "The turbulence that we have seen recently only fuels our commitment to the strategy that we have outlined," he added.


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