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Rebound on Wall Street that leaves falls behind thanks to the good results


Wall street (Dow Jones + 2.14%; S&P 500 + 1.34%; Nasdaq + 0.94%) has rebounded and clung to optimism thanks to better-than-expected business results. This Tuesday they went through the confessional JP Morgan and Citigroup, among others.

In terms of total income, JP Morgan has pocketed $ 33.8 billion in the quarter compared to $ 30.7 billion projected by the consensus of analysts. This has left a EPS of 1.32 dollars in the entity, compared to $ 1.02 expected by experts.

With respect to Citi, the bank's revenues have stood at $ 19.8 billion compared to the $ 19.2 billion anticipated by the consensus of analysts.

The one that has defrauded is Wells Fargo, lacking that trading area to depend on. in tumultuous times like the ones we are experiencing.

The quarterly update of the banking sector occurs when investors who think stocks have recovered too quickly of the March lows. This caused sales to mark Monday's day in part in response to the pandemic in the United States and other parts of the world.

Across the Atlantic, the Ibex and the rest of Europe have fallen again due to renewed tensions between China and the US, in addition to the worrying appearance of new outbreaks. Finally, in Asia the stock markets have also closed in red.

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