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According to Google trends, VeChain's search traffic has increased by 500%


VeChain is gaining a lot of popularity and people are starting to make discoveries of digital currency on Google, according to data from Google Trend.

According to the data, VeChain's interest over time increased from 20 to 100, a growth of about 500%. The data is an indication of VeChain's growing search in the past 90 days.

Image credit: Google Trend

Nothing is behind this other than the fact that during this COVID-19 period, VeChain has innovated and entered into partnerships with different companies.

The blockchain company launched, in association with I-Dante, applications aimed at reducing difficulties during this period.

The two applications, E-HCert and E-NewHealthLife, have been implemented by the Mediterranean hospital based in Cyprus.

Right now, immigrants entering Cyprus through the country's largest airport, Larcana, use E-HCert to register their COVID-19 status on the blockchain. No less than 11 million passengers stayed at Larcana and Paphos airports in 2019. Not long after the app's launch, around 1,200 passengers downloaded it.

In the same vein, the E-NewHealthLife designed in association with I-Dante is for keeping records on the blockchain. Additionally, VeChain also purposely designed CSecure to monitor clinical drug trials.

During the COVID-19 period as well, VeChain co-developed My Care with DNV GL. The app, which relies on the VeChain blockchain, has been implemented by ArcelorMittal's Mayfair UK office to manage COVID-19 risk.

ArcelorMittal is one of the world's largest steelmakers with 190,000 employees in 60 countries.

The My Care service, a standard hospital risk management application, was launched in June 2020 to help companies reduce, manage, and access COVID-10 risks.

The app uses the VeChain ToolChainTM BaaS platform and was first implemented by Viking Line, a company with annual revenues of around € 500 million. DNV GL, which is spearheading the app's adoption, has more than 110,000 customers worldwide.

DNV GL has been a long-time partner of VeChain. The two companies first launched the My Story app for companies to track their products from the production line to the consumer.

The app has been implemented by no less than three Italian wine companies to rid the counterfeit of the war.

The reason is that there are many counterfeit wines on the market. Recently, it became widespread that around 11,000 fake Marchesi Antinori wines were sold in Italy, Belgium and Germany.

VeChain continues to see big business adoption through its pending use cases. The likes of PwC, Deloitte, BMW, and Walmart China make use of blockchain technology and pay the gas fee during transactions using the VET token.

While these companies do not have VET tokens, they do employ the services of an authorized agent to help them pay the gas fee.

Meanwhile, Sunny Lu had recently said that the nature of the VeChain blockchain caused Deloitte to dump Ethereum for the ecosystem.

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