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A new PZMCash PoS coin has been released


On June 24, 2020, a group of European developers announced the launch of a new crypto currency PZMCash, which supports the takeover test protocol and is an effective payment tool.

Created in open source, PZMCash is not only capable of generating benefits for participating in the betting program, but it is also a reliable tool for P2P payments.

The Lisk blockchain was used as a base, which is an electronic registry in which all the actions in progress in the network are registered: from transactions and transfers to the replenishment of the balance and the withdrawal of funds.

This system not only makes the electronic exchange of funds transparent and understandable, but also considerably increases the security of user data.

When attempting a hacker attack, attackers must change the electronic financial record code to gain access to wallets, and changing at least one entry will immediately result in all subsequent entries being changed. This will be noticed in seconds and the entry of the blockchain will be blocked by a security system.

Furthermore, the creators of the new blockchain and coins use an innovative system to fill the money supply network, which will consist of two main components: the creation and expansion of the ecosystem and the attraction of active participants to the network, which will influence personally in the development of the blockchain.

For now, the PZMC Wallet has already been created, which not only reliably protects investor funds, gives access to P2P payments and smart contract transactions, but also allows owners to join the betting program .

One of the priority areas for blockchain development is the expansion of its own ecosystem.

The blockchain is created using JavaScript and sidechains, allowing users to quickly deploy their own projects and services.

In addition, the system enables smart contracts to be created, providing certain additional benefits to application developers for DeFi's decentralized financial market. The faster the PZMC ecosystem climbs, the higher the value of the coin will be.

“PZM Cash is a complete digital payment tool that can be used to pay for purchases on the Internet, as well as for P2P payments from companies and businesses. In this case, the sender pays the minimum transfer fee. Transactions on the network are completed in a few seconds. Cryptocurrency is an efficient and economical payment instrument, ”the company explained.

The generation of new currencies in the system will occur through mining at the point of sale, which does not require the use of special computer technology.

You can join the project on the official website https://pzmcash.com/

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