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Feijóo revalidates its absolute majority in Galicia and the BNG rises to second position


The president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, revalidates his position this Sunday with a fourth absolute majority, according to the provisional result of more than 97% counted, which also places the BNG in second place, ahead of the PSdeG, and does not grant representation to Galicia en Común, the brand of Unidos Podemos, neither to Ciudadanos nor to Vox.

At this point in the count, the PP would achieve 42 seats, one more than in the 2016 elections; the BNG manages to give the 'sorpasso' to the PSdeG-PSOE and reaches 19 seats, while in 2016 it had remained as the fourth force, with only six seats in the Galician Parliament. For its part, the PSdeG-PSOE remains with 15 seats.

Galicia en Común would lose the 14 seats in the Parliament that it obtained in 2016, then with the brand En Marea, today cut off from the coalition of Unidas Podemos, Anova and Mareas and that would not be able to sit in the camera either. Vox would overtake Ciudadanos as a percentage in its first participation in a few Galician autonomous communities, but its 1.89% Pyrrhic would not serve him to win a seat either.

The Secretary of Organization of the PSdeG, José Antonio Quiroga, has highlighted the development with "total normality" of the day, "without notable incidents" and has shown his gratitude to all the people who supported the Socialist Party this Sunday.


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