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This is why Robert Kiyosaki became an advocate for Bitcoin (BTC)


Robert Kiyosaki, author of 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad,' a bestselling book on financial self-education, invited another big name in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, Anthony Pompliano, to his radio show and, among other things, Kiyosaki revealed to Pomp. why he turned to Bitcoin in the first place.

The main reason Robert Kiyosaki decided to start buying Bitcoin, as he admitted, was the fact that the US dollar has become softer due to quantitative easing by injecting more USD into circulation, while Bitcoin has become more difficult thanks to the power cut that took place on May 11.

Kiyosaki said that he tried to buy Bitcoin for the first time in 2017 when BTC was at a price spike, but did not complete the deal at the time.

The author of 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' has been actively tweeting about Bitcoin this year, often criticizing the Federal Reserve, an alleged false alarm about the Chinese pandemic, and saying that Bitcoin, gold and silver can be considered safe havens these days. of financial crisis. uncertainty.

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Bitcoin carries certainty programmed by computer

Throughout the show, Kiyosaki addressed Pomp as a representative of the young generation whose podcast he often listens to for a deeper understanding of Bitcoin.

Among the many things Pomp and Robert discussed was the fact that BTC supply is halved every four years and changing that policy is up to millions of people (over fifty percent of the community must agree to change the code, but they never will, Pomp assumed.)

By contrast, when it comes to the Federal Reserve, all monetary policy decisions are made by just twelve people in a single room. With Bitcoin, you can be assured that monetary policy will remain unchanged for years in advance, according to Pomp.

Kiyosaki unhappy with Coinbase

The author of 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' also confessed that he was not satisfied with the $ 25,000 limit that Coinbase imposes on users who want to buy Bitcoin as it wants to buy much more.

Here, he mentioned billionaire Paul Tudor Jones, who assigned 2% of his enormous wealth to BTC.

Pomp explained that Coinbase is a highly regulated platform and that by introducing those limits (which can be gradually lifted later on) they are trying to fight the bad actors in the industry. However, Bitcoin can be purchased through other channels, such as OTC trading, he told Kiyosaki.

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