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Wall Street is flat against the devastating advance of the virus and Trump's 'black list'


Wall street The session began this Friday trading flat after the main US indices were hijacked by volatility in the previous session. He coronavirus It has left a new record of daily contagions in the US, pushing investors towards technology, which in turn boost the Nasdaq to record all-time highs this Thursday.

However, in the last session of the week, both this index and the Dow Jones and S&P 500 barely managed to advance more than 0.05%,

Johns Hopkins University has notified a new record of cases in the world, above 227,000 in a single day, mainly due to infections in the US.

In political matters, Trump has once again threatened China. This time, the US president attacks the Asian giant with a new "black list" to veto the hiring of its technology companies. Among them are companies like the colossus Huawei.

The new regulation, which could be approved in the coming days, according to the Reuters agency, will prevent the US Administration from buying goods or services from any company that employs at least five Chinese companies as a supplier.

In the raw materials market, the IEA has warned that "the long shadow of the coronavirus" jeopardizes oil recovery. "In some countries, the spike in contagion is being a disturbing reminder that the pandemic is not under control and markets are still facing downturns," the agency said.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the Ibex and the rest of Europe show signs of weakness again. The Spanish selective remains thus below 7,300 points. Finally, in Asia, red has also reigned due to the renewed "pandemic anxiety" that has gripped the investor.


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