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The FAANG flirt again with all-time highs and together capitalize 6.5 billion


The FAANG They flirt again with setting new all-time highs this week. To the uploads of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet (Google), the courage of Microsoft has been added. Enter all, add up to a market capitalization of $ 6.5 trillion.

Facebook and Netflix are the only six of the tech companies that have not yet reached $ 1 trillion in market capitalization.

The tech push is not just giving Nasdaq wings. The rally of the stock markets, especially those in the United States that, after all, set the pace for the rest of the parks, is largely due to the good work of companies such as the FAANG, big winners of the coronavirus crisis.

"The Nasdaq is the strongest selective on Wall Street and is a clear 'hold' for all those who entered at the time," recently argued Bolsamanía analyst J.M. Rodríguez. "Since March it has given several signals to 'buy' and, of course, it is not an index to get short," he weighs below.

"To do so is to go against the market and that is that the Nasdaq is very bullish in terms of the medium and long term," he points out. “Even with the falls in March it was no longer bullish and we ran the risk of going up in the final stretch of that section, just before corrections of between 15% and 25% take place"He concludes.


The impeccable career of the FAANG on the stock market has caused the capitalization of Apple, Microsoft and Amazon to have exceeded the GDP of Spain. The three signatures overcome the one and a half billion dollar barrier.

A capitalization that does not appear to be shrinking in the near future, continues to set new all-time highs despite the Covid-19. "Nothing seems to indicate that the market has grown tired of these companies," says Aitor Méndez, an analyst at IG.

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