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Mixed sign on Wall Street after Supreme Court decision to ask Trump for his finances


Wall street It has closed with mixed sign with the Nasdaq, once again, as the only one of the three major indices that has managed to advance (Dow Jones -1.38%; S&P 500 -0.56%; Nasdaq + 0.53%). After a slightly bullish opening, the red numbers with drops above 1% have soon arrived. The fear of returning to investors after learning that the Supreme Court is going to force Trump to show his taxes to Justice.

Justice indicates that it can block for now to deliver its financial records to Congress, but not to prosecutors.

This Thursday the new data on unemployment claims in the United States has also been released. They have fallen below 1,413 million in the previous week up to 1,314 million.

With these data, weakening demand and a resurgence of new COVID-19 cases keep new US applications extremely high, suggesting that the job market remains fragile despite record job growth in June.

Within the business front, Tesla stands out again. The car maker is "very close" to autonomy level 5that is, the highest echelon of this type of technology that They are also trying to develop other giants like Google with their Waymo.

"We are very confident of reaching autonomy level 5 very quickly," Musk promised during the opening ceremony of an annual conference on Artificial Intelligence in Shanghai. "For this year," he added.

Across the Atlantic, the tourist values ​​and Telefónica have canceled the rebound of the Ibex, which has lost 7,300 points. Finally, in Asia, the stock markets have closed green again, led by China.

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