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Tim Draper has said he has many other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin


During a recent interview with British businessman and investor Rob Moore, well-known venture capitalist Tim Draper said he had "many other cryptocurrencies" in his coffers besides Bitcoin.

This is why the billionaire is 'surprisingly up' during the block, but I don't reveal how much his crypto stash is worth:

"You know, when I played Monopoly, I never showed anyone how much money I had so they wouldn't raise or lower you."

The dollar will come downhill

Draper, echoing many other Bitcoin advocates, is convinced that the US dollar will collapse.

The United States Federal Reserve by printing $ 9 billion, according to Draper, is undermining people's confidence in greenbacks and bringing them to BTC:

"There are only 21 million of them and they will become more and more valuable as they see governments having less and less."

While Draper believes that Bitcoin will have the largest market capitalization, he also praised Bitcoin Cash, its biggest fork, claiming that 'some brilliant people' were working on it during their December 2019 interview.

The venture capitalist also started Ethereum in 2016, but voiced concerns about the altcoin issue rate last year:

"That's the part I don't like, the concentration there. The point is to be decentralized. You want a fixed number. "

Draper, one of the first investors in Skype and Tesla, who also predicted that the price of Bitcoin would reach $ 10,000 in 2014, expects the price of BTC to reach $ 250,000 by 2023.

He claims that he has "a very good view" of what will happen in the next 15 years:

"I spent all this time interviewing businessmen, they all tell me what the future will be like."

Draper hopes that we live decentralized world governments that have to compete for their own people.

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