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The mask will be mandatory in Catalonia even if there is a safety distance


The President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, has announced this Wednesday that from this Thursday in Catalonia it will be the use of the mask is mandatory in public spaces, both indoors and outdoors, even if the safety distance can be maintained.

Torra, who has taken it for granted that the committee of the Civil Protection Plan of Catalonia (Procicat) will approve this measure at the meeting to be held this Wednesday, has announced it during his speech at the control session held in the Parliament, being asked about his management in the region of Segrià (Lleida), which the Govern has confined due to a major outbreak of coronavirus.

Before the president's announcement, the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, had been favorable to the measure. "The mask is already mandatory if there is not enough distance. It does not seem bad to me that the Generalitat reinforces this measure," Ràdio said in an interview in Catalunya.

Regarding the situation in Lleida, Torra explained that his cabinet is "24 hours a day looking at what is happening in hospitals, doing tracking and protection measures," and has assured, according to reports. Europa Press, that their intention is to decentralize the management of the confined area so that the municipalities have all the support they need.

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