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Sánchez asks for agreement in the distribution of the European fund: "Without unity there is no recovery"


The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has called this Wednesday to reach an agreement at European level in the distribution of the European Commission fund because "recovery and unity are two sides of the same coin" and "if there is no unity there is no recovery".

At a press conference at the Moncloa Palace, together with the Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, Sánchez delved into the need to reach an agreement this July and noted that the response that Europe has to offer at the present time must be up to it, "in historical terms", which occurred after World War II.

Sánchez insisted that in July an "unprecedented step" must be taken at the level of European construction or the constitution of the euro. For this situation, said the Spanish president, the meeting with Conte "if something makes visible is alienation" before the Europe's response to this "economic emergency". "We are all obliged to make July the month of the agreement," said Sánchez.

"The single market is in question," said the Italian prime minister, because "if an agreement is not reached, Europe would lose competitiveness." Hence "Europe has to act together and become competitive again". "We cannot allow ourselves to doubt" but we must "be daring to have an answer" and build a strong Europe that is in everyone's interest.

Conte maintained that an answer cannot be "postponed" and, with the same approach as Sánchez, defended that an agreement must be reached this month. He admitted that the Commission proposal is not what Spain and Italy initially wantedBut you have to be "realistic" and recognize that it is a "tool" to preserve the single market.


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