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Wall Street closes at the lows of the day after the rapapolvo of Brussels and the Fed


Wall street It took a breather this Tuesday after climbing to new all-time highs. The main US indices have closed in red. Specifically, the Dow Jones has dropped 1.5%, the S&P 500 1.08% and the Nasdaq has lost 0.86%. The latter has been a large part of the session between buying and selling, although fear has finally prevailed among investors. All three indices have ended at the lows of the day.

Tech and airlines have led the declines on Tuesday. The former, after being the engine of the climbs and, the latter, as one of the sectors most exposed and punished by the coronavirus.

The Fed alerts the market. Atlanta Federal Reserve Chairman Raphael Bostic has warned that the economic recovery may be stalling. "We are looking at a couple of things that can be troubling and suggest that the trajectory of the recovery is going to be more daunting than some think," Bostic said.

"From the Fed we are studying whether it is a sustainable pattern or is it just a pause (of recovery)," he added. "Our greatest concern is to know if the job losses we are seeing are really going to be temporary or permanent ", Add.

Some concerns that the White House has also joined. The vice president's main adviser, Mike Pence, said Tuesday that the Trump Administration wants Congress limit the next stimulus package against Covid-19 to $ 1 billion or less.

"Obviously a big boost has been put into the system during the last two bills, so the price for us would be that"Marc Short, Pence's chief of staff, explained.

In addition, the White House has reported that they have begun the process for the United States to leave the World Health Organization (WHO). The decision will be effective on July 6, 2021.

In the raw materials market, oil rises and remains above 40 (in the case of Brent) despite excess inventories in the US, which continues to put pressure on the shale.

Across the Atlantic, the Ibex has been placed slightly above 7,400 points and has fallen alongside the rest of Europe, especially after the poor forecasts of Brussels. Finally, in Asia the stock markets have continued sweet and closed with new increases this Tuesday.

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