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Trump maintains his war against the WHO: he will leave the body in July 2021


Nothing seems to stop Donald Trump in his crusade against the World Health Organization (WHO). The White House has reported this Tuesday that has begun the process to withdraw the United States from the body. A measure that will take effect on July 6, 2021.

Since the global pandemic broke out There have been many occasions in which the US president has expressed his disagreement with the entity directed by Tedros Adhanom.

So much so that in mid-April suspended funding from the United States after accusing them of covering up the disease.

Trump went so far as to accuse the WHO of "chinocentric" for the "wrong" recommendations that, in his opinion, he has given to combat the coronavirus epidemic.

Reactions to Trump's decision were not long in coming. Senator Bob Menendez has denounced through his Twitter account that in this way "sick Americans and the United States are left alone."

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