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Expedia now accepts cryptocurrencies thanks to a partnership with Travala


Overnight, Travala announced that they had partnered with Expedia, which allowed them to directly accept cryptocurrency payments for flight and hotel reservations.

While previously Expedia had been integrated into TravelbyBit To allow you to offer a broader catalog of destinations, the association is now growing and from now on the platform will be able to accept crypto payments thanks to Travala.

In February, in fact, 600,000 Expedia hotels were added to TravelbyBit, among the booking possibilities; then in May TravelbyBit merged with Travala to become a unique platform, so the partnership with Expedia is now moving to Travala.

Travala is in fact owned by Binance, which had invested in TravelbyBit in 2014.

Payments with cryptocurrencies for travel

In November 2019, Travala had established a similar partnership with Booking and, according to some data, reservations had increased by 33%, since 90 thousand new hotels had been added.

In this way, Travala becomes the largest and most important platform to book flights and hotels worldwide to also accept payments with cryptocurrencies. Travala also accepts fiat currency and has its own token, AVA, which allows holders to obtain discounts and other benefits.

Travala's recovery after closing

During the Coronavirus period and Phase 1 of the crash, the website ran into a lot of problems, as travel had stopped, but now, according to the June report, reserves have resumed, with a 170% increase worth $ 180,000.

As a result, numbers are expected to rise during the summer, given the ever-tightening restrictions and increase in hotel and destination offerings that have come about through the partnership with Expedia.

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