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Nasdaq pushes Wall Street that starts the week with new strong increases


Wall street he doesn't stop smiling. Major US indices have started the week with new (and strong) increases after their winning last week. Airlines, one of the sectors most exposed and punished by the pandemic, have led the progress on Monday. Specifically, both the S&P 500 As the Dow Jones They are up 1.6%. Greater have been the joys for the Nasdaq that has started the week advancing 2.2%.

"The economy is doing much better than most economists thought," experts at Capital Wealth Planning. "We may be stuck at these levels until autumn, already facing October, September and November, but we believe that the increases will continue and the S&P 500 will reach the autumn season trading above 4,000 points," they say. since signing.

The good services PMIs added to a US employment report that has also beaten expectations are enough arguments to continue believing in the stock market rally. He coronavirus it continues, despite investor optimism, as a gloomy backdrop.

Those who are also having a good login are those of Uber. The company's shares have risen 5.9% on the stock after have announced the purchase of Postmates for $ 2.65 billion in shares.

Although if there is a company that is unstoppable in the stock market that is Tesla. Elon Musk's rise more than 13% this Monday after several analysts have improved their recommendations. Even JP Morgan, the most bearish of the 30-plus following on FactSet, has raised its target price. Although it is still well below the price it acts.

On July 4, Independence Day, more than 200,000 cases have been registered worldwide, thus breaking the record for new positives recorded in a single day.to. "The next two weeks will be critical for the markets after the reopening of the economy has been followed by a rebound in cases."analysts warn of Chaikin Analytics.

The increases in the New York stock exchange are taking place despite the fact that several regions of the state of Miami have reported that from next Wednesday gyms and restaurants will be closed again, among other businesses. This comes after hospitals have seen a sharp increase in patient admissions to intensive care units.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the Ibex and the rest of Europe open week with strong increases after the Asian rally. Stock markets in both regions have shot up with bullish sentiment fully owning investors.

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