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Three bets of the Ibex safe for the summer: Enagás, Iberdrola and Red Eléctrica


The month of July begins with the Ibex trying to rebound after approaching the immediate vicinity of the 7,000 point support.

Technical analysis

He selective spanish It could attack the key resistance of 7,663 points, prices where the maximums of the bearish gap that were left on the 11th of last month are found. While this gap continues, we should exercise extreme caution when entering most of the Ibex 35 values. High volatility is going to be normal with the risk that this implies. In any case, there are calmer values ​​that offer a very good technical aspect and although its escalation could be calmer, the risk will undoubtedly be lower. We have selected three securities that we believe could be a very good option for the coming weeks: Enagas, Iberdrola and Red Eléctrica.

Enagas is confirming the end of the lateral movement in which movement has been occurring in the last two months. The Ibex company is drilling the resistance of 22.56 euros, which undoubtedly makes us think of the beginning of a new bullish section that could end up catapulting its price to the level of 26.26 euros, annual highs. This supposes a revaluation of 15% from the current contribution levels.

Iberdrola It has shaped a throw back to the average of 200 sessions and after overcoming the resistance of 10.27 euros this past week it seems that it could continue with the rises to the all-time highs that it drew at the beginning of the year at 11.34 euros . Good accumulation levels give consistency to its current uptrend, placing the company as one of the most consistent uptrend stocks in the entire Spanish market.

Red Eléctrica It has managed to rise above the 200-session average, and after supporting this average, it seems very likely that we could end up seeing an extension of earnings to the annual highs of $ 18.85. The increases will be slow, although with the volatility that we expect for the summer months, we believe that the company is a great option.


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