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Tron teams up with Bitcoin and Binance to have their own Emoji on Twitter before major update


It's a great week for the TRON community as TRX now has its own Twitter emoji.

It is a fact that the cryptocurrency market is more active and prosperous due to the many social media platforms that these communities support. Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms with millions of users. In that sense, a cryptocurrency network that gets its special emojis from Twitter is a huge prize for the community, as it indicates growing influence and recognition.

Tron is a cryptocurrency that has a huge fan base. TRX now has its own Twitter emoji. TRON founder and CEO Justin Sun broke the news in a rather dramatic way in a Twitter post.

TRX joins a few other cryptocurrencies that already have their Twitter emojis. Bitcoin was the first to pack theirs. Binance Coin (BNB) also recently got their emoji. As expected, the TRON community is happy and very welcoming with the new development, and many see it as a good sign that TRON is growing to have a radiant perspective.

Tron Vs Ethereum

As various fans go to Twitter to offer their opinions on TRX emoji, a fairly subdued comparison seems to be boiling up regarding the apparent social position between TRON and Ethereum.

Ethereum still doesn't have a Twitter emoji despite Chris Burnike's appeal to the social media giant. The two platforms are in a race to attract dApp developers to their networks. Now, the fact that TRON is getting an emoji before Ethereum makes some people think that Justin Sun's network may be ready to attack Vitalik.

Tron probably paid a million dollars for the emoji

For some time, there have been rumors that crypto networks seeking to have their special Twitter emojis have to pay around $ 1 million for Twitter to consider their request. In fact, Binance is said to have disbursed that million dollars to have a Twitter emoji for BNB. This raises the question of whether TRON did the same.

Apparently, TRON's Twitter emoji doesn't seem to have affected TRX's market position. However, it is still early days, and time will tell if this new development becomes a positive victory for TRX.

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