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Ripple has added global payment operator B2B Currencycloud to its partner list


As reported by Finextra, Ripple has signed another partner on RippleNet. This time, it is the global giant in the B2B payments sector, Currencycloud.

Finextra has shared the news that San Francisco-based DLT giant Ripple has allowed another platform to join the R RippleNet family ‘to take advantage of all the opportunities it offers.

Currencycloud, a major transnational payments company that works with commercial entities, has signed a partnership agreement with Ripple to expand its opportunities to transfer money across the planet in a cheaper and faster way.

What Currencycloud is looking for from Ripple

Currencycloud works primarily with small and medium-sized companies, and despite the fact that globalization is underway and borders are open to business, in some countries local regulators may seriously limit opportunities for companies from abroad to do business.

Currencycloud has teamed up with RippleNet in hopes of finding new ways to do its job better than ever before and expand its toolkit to help SMEs function globally by driving their payments from one place to another.

In particular, with Ripple, the company intends to explore new locations where small and medium-sized businesses do not have as much access, due to a lack of opportunities, to make cross-border payments through traditional methods, i.e. banks and SWIFT.

Ripple now has 350 clients

Earlier today, a researcher and XRP enthusiast, Leonidas Hadjiloizou, posted a tweet. In his post, he shared that Ripple had updated the page on its official website with its customer list.

Hadjiloizou emphasized that the list now includes 350 clients, including some recently added companies, with the Lulu Exchange being one of them.

In the fall of 2019, during the annual Swell event, Ripple announced that, at the time, it was working with 300 clients.

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