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The arrival of tourists and their spending was zero again in May for the second consecutive month


The arrival of foreign tourists and their spending were again recorded in May as null for the second consecutive month, due to the closure of borders determined by the state of alarm, as reported by the National Statistics Institute (INE) on Thursday.

Although some trips are allowed, such as those of residents in other countries to return or others for just cause, the small volume of these flows and the impossibility of determining their nature "discourage" their accounting, the INE has pointed out. The same occurs with tourist spending associated with the flow of international visitors to Spain or any of the breakdowns of this indicator.

Thus, the technical drop of 100% that was registered both in the entry of international visitors and in their disbursement in April, the first full month with mobility restrictions derived from confinement, is reissued.

In March, affected only in the second fortnight by the state of alarm, the entry of foreign tourists fell 64.3%, to 2.0 million, and spending decreased by 63.3% and stood at 2,215 million .

What the INE has published is the accumulated expense in the period-May, which remains the same as at the end of March (11,707 million euros) and which is 61.70% lower than the 30,684 million that had been registered in that period of 2019.

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