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Cardano has announced the launch of a new version of the Daedalus wallet for the Shelley testnet


The Cardano project has announced the launch of the new version of the Daedalus wallet for Shelley's testnet.

Cardano's Shelley era began in late 2019 with the launch of the trial network, and in April there were already 1,199 registered groups, 18,000 active users, and 12.45 billion ADA tokens staking.

It will now be possible to use the new Daedalus wallet to receive, store and send ADAs on Shelley's testnet.

The new version of the wallet is specifically dedicated to all ADA owners who have wagered their tokens on the test network, so they can verify the rewards they have collected and whether they have been assigned correctly.

This will allow final verification of all rewards earned, before they are transferred to the main network, at the end of the summer.

The 1.1.0-STN1 is the second version of Daedalus, and it will obviously also be compatible with Shelley's main network: the rewards collected during this test phase will be made available to the user through the Daedalus wallet on the main network.

In the near future, new features will also be added to Daedalus, incrementally. Over time, other features will be released, including:

  • support for the delegation,
  • support for legacy wallets from Byron,
  • The procedure for moving all funds from Byron's inherited portfolios to Shelley's new portfolios.

A tutorial has also been posted on iohk.zendesk.com that shows how users can check if their rewards are successfully reflected on Shelley's testnet.

However, to run the balance check, the Incentivized Testnet Rewards wallet phrase is required, so extreme caution is recommended.

The procedure shown is not particularly complicated, but it is necessary to do it correctly and, above all, in complete safety.

A video-tutorial which shows how to proceed, starting from the link on the announcement page of the new wallet release:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wk4NgSy3bJ8 (/ embed)

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