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A Bitcoin whale recently made a 100,000 BTC transaction


In the last days, a transaction record on the Bitcoin blockchain he saw a whale move 101,857 BTC from one direction to another.

It implied, at the current price, a just under a billion dollars and the fee was only $ 0.49.

bitcoin whale

As we can see in the summary of the transaction, the fees per byte that have been paid amount to 13 satoshis and, thanks to the recent Introducing the Blockchair block browser privacy feature, we found that it has a value of 60 out of 100, therefore it is not very secure.

Thus, it is possible to begin an identification process by tracing the various movements and understanding who is behind it.

Who is the whale?

With proper research, it is actually possible to trace who owns the wallet. Than belongs to XAPO company, a famous cryptocurrency custody platform.

bitcoin whale

As demonstrated, the privacy parameter displayed by Blockchair correctly predicted that this transaction was not sufficiently protected and allowed us to do a simple backward check to understand the identity of the wallet.

How to make a private transaction

It should be noted that the bitcoin blockchain is far from being a tool for money laundering or criminal or illegal activities of various kinds, because if very complex measures are not taken, then it is only a matter of time before discovering who owns a bitcoin address and identify the person or company behind a transaction.

This is because, among other things, Bitcoin's blockchain is not anonymous but only pseudo-anonymous, contrary to what is often said.

For more anonymous solutions, it is possible choose Zcash or Monero and / or use transaction mixers.

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