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Justin Sun has announced the date for the official launch of the privacy protocol of Smarts Contracts of the TRON network


The TRON network has announced the completion of public testing of its smart contract privacy protocol, and its smart privacy protocol will be officially launched as an integral part of TRON 4.0 on July 7, 2020 (SGT), the news was disclosed in a YouTube video.

TRON is a decentralized blockchain platform aimed at building a free global digital content system with distributed storage technology to make sharing digital content easy and profitable.

It will be recalled that the TRON Foundation held its first MPC torch project nonprofit in January of this year. According to Justin Sun, who founded TRON, the MPC torch project is designed to reshape the Internet using anonymity based on zk-SNARKS, as security and credibility remain a fundamental principle of the TRON foundation.

However, it was said that the MPC's project was the largest in the world, as it had a total of 196 participants from different countries of the world. Therefore, in an attempt to provide the initial credible parameters, the TRON foundation has completed the implementation of the zk-SNARKS instructions and public testing of the implemented TestNet shielded transactions.

The foundation is set to launch the smart contract privacy protocol as a structural part of TRON 4.0 by July 7, 2020. It is worth mentioning that updating the TRON 4.0 smart contract protocol will in no way add to the features privacy policy nor will it make you anonymous. This is because the TRON foundation, as reported in the YouTube video, has consistently worked on developing a secure public chain that complies with global policies and regulations.

However, the new smart contract privacy protocol has added a privacy function to TRON 4.0, and the standard ERC-20 token onwards will be fully compatible with the TRON network, allowing developers to perform the same operation as on the network. Ethereum.

Additionally, developers can now access the transactional features shield simply by implementing the smart contract.

While this is the latest development dedicated to improving the service offered by TRON to the world, TRON 4.0 has been compared to the next Etheruem update, Ethereum 2.0.

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