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Elon Musk accuses Jeff Bezos of imitation for the purchase of the 'start-up' Zoox


He Tesla founder Elon Musk, has accused Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos of imitation for the purchase of Zoox, a 'start up' autonomous vehicles without driver. As usual, he has used his Twitter account to launch this message.

Musk has released the message in response to information from the newspaper 'Financial Times', which ensures that this operation has a cost to Amazon of more than 1,200 million dollars. This agreement will also pit Amazon against Waymo, and will mean increasing the presence of the e-commerce giant in the technology of this type of vehicle.

Most Zoox investors will get their money back and some will make a positive return, 'The Information' explained. Investors include DFJ and Atlassian Co-Founder Michael Cannon-Brooks.

Market Watch already reported in late May that the deal was imminent, although it warned that the talks might not come to fruition.

Zoox, founded in 2014, has since been working on developing the hardware and software necessary for driverless carsAs robotaxis, they can move and go when called through a mobile application.

Since its last round of financing in 2018, the company had problems moving forward with its projects, which would explain its sale to those of Bezos.

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