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New report reveals Bitcoin's public confidence will soon surpass that of large banks


  • Bitcoin's status as a "safe haven asset" has grown in recent times due to its performance in a context of global uncertainty.
  • This narrative has also been reinforced by the huge amounts of money being printed and inflation across the world.
  • The recent halving event highlighted Bitcoin's deflationary structure and fixed supply.
  • All of these factors appear to have increased public confidence in the benchmark cryptocurrency.
  • New data shows that the public's confidence in BTC almost exceeds their confidence in the big banks.

Bitcoin was created more than a decade ago in response to the corruption and systemic problems that created the 2008 financial crises.

There is no doubt that it has been fulfilling its purpose, especially in recent times. Widespread money printing and flexible economic policies are devastating the values ​​of fiat currencies worldwide.

This occurs when public confidence in government institutions plummets to levels not seen in years.

A new report shows that Bitcoin He is the likely winner of this trend, as a large part of the public seems to trust Bitcoin more than they trust big banks.

Public confidence in Bitcoin increases amid global instability

According a recent report From The Tokenist, people around the world are beginning to see the value of a decentralized and scarce asset like Bitcoin.

A survey by the group found that of 4,852 participants in 17 countries, 47% claimed to trust Bitcoin over big banks.

"Another finding provides an explanation for this: 47% of our respondents trust Bitcoin over big banks, a 29% increase in the past three years."

This is a surprising figure considering that BTC is only ten years old and a relatively small and niche asset at the moment.

Much of this trust in Bitcoin may come from the younger generations, and from the millennial generation in particular.

The report also found that of respondents who fall into the millennial age category, 45% said they would rather invest in Bitcoin rather than stocks, real estate and even gold.

"This effect was most pronounced in millennial respondents, 45% of whom would now invest preferentially in Bitcoin on stocks, real estate, and gold."

These data seem to indicate that Bitcoin's future It's incredibly brilliant, as the cryptocurrency can see a steady influx of new users and investors as confidence in governments and big banks continues to erode.

Research from the survey explains that the results tell them that BTC is well positioned to gain widespread adoption as a "long-term alternative store of value."

"These data indicate that Bitcoin has a bright future and will likely benefit significantly from the current market crisis. With declining confidence in traditional investment instruments, Bitcoin is poised to offer investors a long-term reserve of alternative value. ”

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