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A Spanish lawyer has registered the Bitcoin brand and logo


Is the record M4046141 by Eduardo Pérez Montero at the Spanish Trademark Office, Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM).

As a result, the Bitcoin brand and logo are now owned by Montero in Spain, although the registration process appears to have been completed by a compliance expert and commercial law attorney, Ignacio Rubio Menéndez, on behalf of a client who has remained anonymous.

The anonymous client of Menéndez allegedly stated that the use of the Bitcoin logo and trademark in Spain is still free, but that he could defend them against possible misuses.

"If someone uses it incorrectly, I will defend it."

It appears that he is a bitcoin merchant, owner of a purchasing and sales office and in this way he could protect bitcoin, at least in Spain, from the numerous scams that incorrectly use the Bitcoin name and logo.

Menéndez also stated that his work is provide protection to those who want to buy or sell bitcoin, so thanks to this registration you can continue to do so more effectively.

By owning this record, you will be able to use it to file official complaints if the Bitcoin name and logo are misused in Spain.

The registered logo has a white capital B in an orange circle, which refers to the Bitcoin protocol, while the dark gray text is lowercase because it refers to the bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Similar attempts have been made in the past, but with different objectives. In other words, there have been no successful attempts to register the Bitcoin trademark for commercial exploitation.

Instead, the trademark is launched globally for public use (license of public domain Creative Commons), so that registering it does not mean taking possession of it, but taking responsibility for protecting it.

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